Gambling at Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Users of Bitcoin can gamble with Bitcoin in a variety of forms, and the most popular are casino games with live dealers, video slots, dice, sports betting, and poker. Some online casinos offer deposit bonuses for new and existing members, often doubling the value of the initial Bitcoin deposit. Many online casinos accepting Bitcoin prove their legitimacy by providing evidence of provably fair games. Provably fair means the odds are not overwhelmingly stacked against the player. When selecting an online casino, consider the variety of games available, deposit bonuses, and strong customer support. Many countries have banned the use of Bitcoin, so it is not an option in all areas.

Bitcoin Highlights

  • No actual banks are involved with Bitcoin, thereby reducing transaction fees.
  • Bitcoin transactions are digitally signed with a private key to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Information necessary to transact in Bitcoin is stored in e-wallets.
  • Bitcoin may be bought and sold online and offline.
  • Bitcoin users are not protected by chargebacks or any other type of fraud protection.

List of Online Casinos accepting Bitcoin

Found 7 casinos that accept players from USA and offer deposits or withdrawals via Bitcoin.
rating Casino Deposit Withdrawal
6.90 Intertops Casino+ Play
5.90 Jackpot Capital Casino+ Play
5.40 Slotastic Casino+ Play
5.20 Liberty Slots Casino+ Play
5.20 Lincoln Casino+ Play
4.50 Sloto Cash Casino+ Play
4.20 Miami Club Casino+ Play

Bitcoin, the Virtual Currency

Bitcoin, created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, is the most popular form of cryptocurrency in the world. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which use encryption to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify transactions, complete independent of any centralized banking system. Due to the lack of being tied to the traditional banking system, transactions are processed more quickly, any associated fees related to its use are lower, and it can be used anonymously. Bitcoin, unlike traditional currencies, is not subject to inflation or manipulation. There is no actual physical Bitcoin currency; rather it exists solely in e-wallets. Bitcoin can be purchased via wire transfer, credit card, money gram, debit card, and even cash. It is recommended that Bitcoin be purchased only through reputable channels because of the potential for scams.

Getting Started with Bitcoin

To use Bitcoin, you need to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. It is key to be aware that if the wallet is ever corrupted or lost, it cannot be retrieved and the value of any Bitcoin contained therein will be lost, so it is critical that your Bitcoin wallet is backed up. There are three types of wallets that can be used for Bitcoin; cloud wallets, software wallets and hardware wallets.

Cloud Wallets

These are stored on third party cloud servers, allowing for simple backups. Some cloud services do automatic backups, and others give you the option to initiate your own backups. Cloud wallets are recommended for new Bitcoin users and people who have basic computer knowledge.

Software Wallets

These are stored entirely on your computer and require manual backup. They offer greater security because of the potential for cloud servers to be compromised. Software wallets are recommended for intermediate and advanced users.

Hardware Wallets

These are considered to be the most secure Bitcoin wallets. To access your wallet, you need a special piece of hardware that plugs into your computer, typically through a USB port. Hardware wallets require manual backups. This is considered the most secure method of storing Bitcoin because the wallet cannot be unlocked without the hardware device. This is recommended for advanced users and those with large amounts of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin users are never identified by name, but rather by Bitcoin address. The transactions may be linked back to individuals or businesses by these addresses. It is recommended those concerned about privacy use mixing services that swap their coins for other coins with different transaction histories. Overall, Bitcoin payments cannot be considered more private than credit card payments.


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