While cheques/checks are seen mostly as a method of withdrawal in some countries, there are over 20 online casinos nationwide and nearly all online casinos in the United States who accept them as a form of deposit.


  • Long processing times.
  • No need for a third-party intermediary.
  • Less secure than most other payment options.

List of Online Casinos accepting Cheque

Found 65 casinos that accept players from USA and offer deposits or withdrawals via Cheque.
rating Casino Deposit Withdrawal
8.30 Bodog Casino+ Play
7.90 Slots LV Casino+ Play
7.00 Slots Capital Casino+ Play
6.80 Virgin Casino+ Play
6.80 Bovada Casino+ Play
6.60 All Star Slots Casino+ Play
6.60 Slots Village Casino+ Play
5.90 Win A Day Casino+ Play
5.90 Road House Reels Casino+ Play
5.90 Jackpot Capital Casino+ Play

The Pros and Cons of Cheques for Online Casinos

Using cheques as a payment method comes with its advantages and disadvantages. While paying with a cheque is less secure than using a pre-paid credit card, it is the easiest and most simplistic method of payment. Most players who use cheques use them to avoid having to deal with third party companies. When it comes to other forms of payment, like pre-paid credit cards, players have to give their banking information over to the credit card company in order to deposit funds. From there players will use the pre-paid credit card to deposit funds into their online casino account. With a cheque, the funds come directly from the bank account into a player’s online casino account. There is no middle man.

A major disadvantage and one reason some players do not care to use cheques is the longer processing time. Security is another concern. When requesting a cheque withdrawal, there is always the possibility of it being lost or stolen. For any player who uses this form of payment for withdrawal, it is always recommended that they check with the online casino to ensure they provide protection in case it is stolen. Usually a pre-defined amount of time is allowed until they agree to write another cheque and send it out.

Using Cheques as a Withdrawal/Deposit Method with Online Casinos

There are two ways to withdraw the money from a player’s bank account using a cheque - By mailing it in or by using an e-cheque payment method. Either way, both require the bank to verify the funds and to make them available for the player.

When one mails in a cheque, it could take several weeks for it to arrive. Even with e-cheque payment methods, in which the player inputs their account and other banking information in electronically, it could take several days for the bank to verify fund availability. For those looking for an instant verification process, it is usually recommended that they go through a third party payment platform. For those who want their winnings withdrawn using cheques, the same issue arrives. It could take weeks for a paper cheque to be sent in the mail.


While there are disadvantages to writing a cheque for both deposit and withdrawal, it is the oldest and still the most simplistic method available today. It avoids players having to provide financial and personal information to third party vendors.


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